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Luke Jackson Discography

...And Then Some (CD, 2008)

1. Come Tomorrow
2. This Life
3. Trouble
4. Goodbye London
5. A Little Voice
6. Half A World Away
7. All I Can Do
8. 1970s Kids TV Show Theme
9. Longest Day
10. The Fear

..And Then Some (Limited edition half-speed mastered 180 gram virgin vinyl LP, 2009)

Side One:

1. Come Tomorrow
2. This Life
3. Trouble
4. Goodbye London
5. A Little Voice

Side Two:

1. Half A World Away
2. All I Can Do
3. 1970s Kids TV Show Theme
4. Longest Day
5. The Fear

LP comes with a high quality download dropcard.

"Come Tomorrow" (7"/DVD) package with hidden download

Come Tomorrow b/w A Little Voice
DVD with Come Tomorrow video, outtakes and additional studio footage

Momentum (CD, 2002)

1. Shoot Me Down
2. Kickstand
3. Coming Around
4. I Remain
5. So Alive
6. Legal Kill
7. Everything's Alright
8. Why Can't I Just Say
9. Big Things Missing
10. Falling Off the Edge of the World
11. Better Friends
12. Vancuva

Split (CD, 1998)

1. Coming Around    
2. Fallout 
3. Trouble  
4. Shoot Me Down  
5. Kits Beach Song
6. Self Pity Ditty
7. Rollercoaster
8. What Kind Of Man
9. Pay Later
10. Swimming Against The Current

Former bands

Giggle With Children

Self-titled demo tape (1994)
Self-titled demo tape (1993)

Vodka Rubber Legs

One Take Valentine (cassette, 1991)

Production Credits:

Echo Hermits: The Very Crack Of Twilight (2008)
Acoustic guitar engineering

David Celia: This Isn’t Here (2007) 
Acoustic guitar engineering

Matt Masotti: Shimmer (1999)
Engineered and produced

Bill McBirnie/Extreme Flute: Desvio (1998)
Additional engineering and mixing

Robert Atyeo: Heart Like A Rubber Ball (1998)
Engineered bed tracks

Aengus Finnan: Demo cassette (1998)
Engineered and produced

Appearances on other artists’ records:

Dan Bryk: Pop Psychology, 2009 (backing vocals)

Scottmandu: Scottmandu, 2003 (guitar)